We Rise


DOWNLOAD: https://www.hive.co/l/8hf Released on @NESTHQ art: @bitbirdofficial vocals: Tessa Douwstra "Following a string of high profile remixes, a debut EP & collaborations with the Point Point crew, and pioneering a new promotional platform and soon-to-be-label, bitbird, Dutch beatsmith San Holo connects with NEST for the release of his latest single “We Rise” this Monday, February 23rd. There’s an intrinsic positivity found in “We Rise” (and all of San Holo’s stylings) that evokes an instant pleasure state in the listener. Irresistible leads meet with emotive chords before crashing into savage Hip Hop percussion, illuminating the light & bright side of the ever-evolving Future Beats designation. The repeating vocal, “We rise, we fall,” adds to the single’s powerful energy, augmenting the overall depth of the track for a lasting effect that lingers long after the song comes to an end." NEST HQ: @nesthq www.facebook.com/nesthq www.twitter.com/nesthq Download for free on The Artist Union


Uploaded by: San Holo
Duration: 4:26
Views: 14527276
Favorites: 275878
Genre: Dance
Download: Not available


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