Rachel Nusbaumer - In My Soul (TCM Underground Official - Spiccatto Unleashed - ReClassified)


Honored to work my 1st Remix Project for my dear friend Rachel Nusbaumer hailing from Switzerland. The Original track is quite fantastic and when I heard it had to just request a remix right away :-) Please be sure to check out Rachel's page below and her original sound! They're just amazing and house some great sounds! Rachel's Soundcloud Page: https://soundcloud.com/rachel-nusbaumer Original Track Link: https://soundcloud.com/rachel-nusbaumer/in-my-soul Program Info: The Remix is basically driven by Spiccatto as the track's backbone along with the usual refinements including Amberglance Dark Atmosphere, a Modded Flute Element and Symphony Choir. :-) Cheers and Have a great day ahead! Enjoy! :-) Warm Regards, Rachel & Mrinal TCM Underground Official


Uploaded by: The Cajun Mafia Underground [Official]
Duration: 2:52
Views: 1289338
Favorites: 15737
Genre: Classical
Download: Click here!


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