Soul Academy,Phil Maher, Rachel Wallace - Round & Round (Tim Andresen Balearic Remix)


We are happy to present You a great collaboration here. The Soul Academy aka Kieron James together with Phil Maher and the classic House vocalist Rachel Wallace who have made amazing vocals for Stereo MC's. She is also known from 1992 as solo Artist from the Classic House Hit "Tell Me Why". They have made fantastic house track with lovely vocals from Rachel as always. We have also 2 nice Deep House remixes. The first is from Harold Heath who have many vinyl and digital releases from 2002 on Labels like Detour, Plastic City, Stickman, Uhuru Beats, Oblong, Sensei, Urban Torque and many more... Second remix is comming from the owner of Label "What Happens" and very good Artist Tim Andresen. EDM Underground is a part of Elektrik Dreams Music Digital Label Support Site and Social Links:'id=9674


Uploaded by: Edm Underground Label
Duration: 5:57
Views: 14676
Favorites: 260
Genre: Deep House
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