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Frontier Wars

Anzac Day is the time when we commemorate the fallen, those Australian’s who gave their lives in service of their country.. But what about the First Australians who died in the Frontier Wars, defending their country from white settlers during the days of early European colonisation.. Last night, the Yidinji people held a special service where they remembered the first battles for Gimuy, which today we know as Cairns…

Frontier Wars (Indigenous Australian Massacres)

The 'Frontier Wars' were undeclared yet resulted in the destruction of entire tribes and nations, We will never know for certain the exact figure. The Aboriginal Tent Embassy is demanding the honour, respect and dignity be afforded to those Sovereign Tribal Original People whom were slaughtered during the colonisation of Australia to be acknowledged in a National Day of Remembrance for the Frontier Massacres and that a monume

Frontier Wars 2016 Story Telling Camp

Host Ros Elliott talks with Graeme Dunstan at Aboriginal Tent Embassy during the annual Frontier Wars Story Telling Camp and Anzac Day March to the National War Memorial.

Frontier Wars & Helping Equadorian rainforest

Host Ros Elliott talks with Michael Anderson (pictured) about remembering the Frontier Wars on ANZAC Day. And with Brigid Prain about her trip to the Equadorian rainforest and her film to help protect Yasuni(Equadorian Rainforest)

Australia's Frontier Wars

Andy interviews Historian Henry Reynolds about the frontier wars. Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 Broadcast 22 Sept 2017 Friday at noon. About Australia's frontier wars, about what its like to blaze a trail where no historian has gone before, and what we can do to move forward from being a colonial settler state to country with our own indigenous history. Playlist Ancestress - WAR Ted Egan - Tjandamarra Apakatjah - The dead

Graeme Dunstan Frontier Wars

An interview with Graeme Dunstan about the march done each ANZAC Day in Canberra to commemorate the frontier wars.

The Frontier Wars (1788-1930)

Doug Dobing interviews Aboriginal activist, Maurie Japarta Ryan, Custodian of the Tent Embassy Canberra and Phd student, Uncle Pat and 2XX Presenter of Sovereign Voices, Dylan Wood about the Frontier Wars and the upcoming National Summit on 18-20 March 2016. Also included is Former Prime Minister Paul Keating's Redfern Park speech from Dec 1992. Originally broadcast on 7th March, 2016.

Aboriginal soldiers from the 'Frontier Wars' to WW1

Analysis of how the needs of the Australian capitalist class drove it's wars of expansion across the Australian continent and the pacific, culminating in WW1. There is a focus on the role of Aboriginal soldiers in these conflicts, particularly in light of the rise of the 'Black Digger' narrative during the centenary of WW1. Talk given at the UTS conference "Gallipoli to Coniston"

Aboriginal Frontier Wars – Libby Connors - 22 April 2016

Libby Connors – author of ‘Warrior – A legendary leader’s dramatic life and violent death on the colonial frontier’ Spoke at Manning Clark House, Canberra, Australia.

Frontier Wars Podcast Pt 2

Frontier Wars Podcast pt. 2 Chris Pulthari Tomlins & Graeme Dunstan Interview recorded at 2xx Studios, Canberra Originally Broadcast on 'Sovereign Voices' Interviewed, Produced, Engineered, Edited & Recorded by Dylan Wood (Spiral Architect Productions) Vincent Dureux Recorded at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra April 25 2014 Bios Chris Pulthari Tomlins Arrente Elder from Alice Springs,


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