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About Your Account Information Area

About Your Account Information Area!

Can guidelines be reformulated to account for how doctors actually use information?

Guidelines usually assume a rational comprehensive decision model in which all values, means, and ends are known and considered. In clinical encounters, however, patients and doctors most often follow “the science of muddling through. Given that clinical knowledge does not follow the narrow rationality of “if-then” algorithms contained in guidelines, alternatives are desperately needed. Glyn Elwyn, professor at the Da

Information Technology

Melvyn Bragg discusses the social and economic consequences of the information revolution. There are now more than 200 million people connected to the internet world-wide. The world’s biggest ever merger has just seen Time Warner united with the internet service provider America Online, and in the United States alone it is predicted that transactions conducted in cyberspace will account for 327 billion dollars worth of busin

My Account Has Been Hacked

I was a victim of a hacker, all my beats had been deleted, and my information was changed, but in less than 24 hours I already had my account back, hey hacker if you are reading this FUCK YOU

Ep. 38: How To Double A Trading Account, Part 1

Doubling a trading account requires: 1. A deeply personal motivation; 2. Asking yourself a BIG and SPECIFIC question. A deeply personal trading motivation isn't "I want to buy a new car," or "I want to buy a new organ for my church." Those are gifts you want for yourself or for others. The deepest and most powerful motivations are personal, and are for you. Not for anyone else. There are three kinds of powerful and persona

What Kind of Information Should You Be Gathering in a Divorce? | Divorce attorney Atlanta

Hi, I am Dave Ward from the Ward Law Firm, and I protect business owners who are facing divorce. In the series we been talking about the three frequently most asked questions that I get from people who are facing a divorce. We are going to shift gears a little bit now and talk about the four questions that you should be asking. Question number one that you should be asking is: What sort of information should I be gathering?


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