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The Useful Podcast and Beyond Episode 3 with Ron Lamprecht

In episode 3 the boys talk about culture, a little conspiracy theory and what it takes to be a great man all with our special guest Ron lamprecht!

Claudio Testi podcast and radio web - Le Allegre Coalizioni spot radiofocnico (creato con Spreaker)

A.R.S. Historia Romana presenta S.P.Q.R. Alacres Coitionibus - Le Allegre Coalizioni Info e Prenotazione Biglietti: -Viva Ticket: numero verde 892234 - -Teatro Tendastrisce: tel. 06/25391562 Biglietti: -galleria (biglietti non numerati) € 15,00 -platea (biglietti numerati) € 18,00 -riduzioni € 10,00 a bambini fino a 10 anni e agli over 65 anni. Possibilità di "cena bistrot" con i Legionari prima e

Nick Clegg, human rights and Ukip – Politics Weekly podcast

Simon Jenkins, Nick Cohen and Naomi Smith join Tom Clark to discuss the Liberal Democrat party conference; Conservative plans to reform the Human Rights Act and Ukip's parliamentary ambitions Dec 04, 2015

Labour split on Syria and George Osborne's U-turns – Politics Weekly podcast

John Harris, Heather Stewart and Randeep Ramesh join Tom Clark to discuss Labour's struggle to find a unified position on Syria and George Osborne's autumn statement Nov 27, 2015

Kim Stanley Robinson and Sheldon Solomon on exploration and death – books podcast

Can humanity escape extinction by reaching for the stars? We confront final questions with the science fiction novelist Kim Stanley Robinson and the psychologist Sheldon Solomon• Science fiction: the realism of the 21st century Dec 04, 2015

Tech Weekly podcast: love and the digital world

How social media and tech are affecting our love lives; and Death Knight Love Story, the first in-world created feature film from World of Warcraft

Special podcast: Women and girls tell their stories through film and radio documentaries

Moderator Amy Costello interviews Ann Cotton, David Eberts and Joe Richman on storytelling about development and social issues.

The Greek debt crisis and anti-extremism laws – Politics Weekly podcast

The panel discuss a rollercoaster week for Greece and the EU, and what the Tunisian beach massacre means for Liberal Toryism

Space talk: Ann Leckie and Caleb Scharf – books podcast

We turn our gaze to the stars, with multiple award-winning science fiction writer Ann Leckie and astrobiologist Caleb Scharf Dec 04, 2015

Gaia Vince, Oliver Morton and the verdict on Morrissey – books podcast

We find out what Morrissey's novel tells us about this charming man, catch up with Royal Society prizewinner Gaia Vince and hear Oliver Morton's plans for reshaping the planet Dec 04, 2015


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