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Nomine Sound Christmas Podcast - guest mixes from: Digital, Macabre Unit, TOMISLAV and X=X

Nomine Sound Christmas Podcast featuring guest mixes from Macabre Unit Nurve - Macabre Unit, Digital , TOMISLAV and X=X. We played Dubstep, Grime, J-tek (Jungle Techno/Future Jungle) Jungle, Drum and Bass, House Techno, Electro, Trip Hop, Electro and everythig inbetween with BASS. Here is a video stream ( x 2 videos) of the podcast:

Cannes 2016: festival previewed and X-Men: Apocalypse reviewed – the Dailies film podcast

The 69th Cannes film festival kicks off on 11 May, but the Guardian film team are already on the ground watching the red carpet roll out in preparation for opening night. Plus, we review X-Men: Apocalypse, Bryan Singer’s contribution to this summer’s superhero super-slam.

Issue 33 - X-Men Charity, Wolverine Podcast, Future Star Wars Trilogy, and X-Men Issues

The boys (minus Ryan and Adam) talk about a weird X-Men Charity, the upcoming podcast Wolverine: The Long Night, the GoT showrunners getting a Star Wars Trilogy, and the X-Men issues: X-Men Red #1, Gold #21, Rogue & Gambit #2, and Iceman #10. Lots of Star Wars talk at reasonable volumes so if you hate that, then you'll hate this. Enjoy!

Confirmed Epic Podcast #46 - DC Rebirth, Cap Is A Nazi, And X - Men Apocalypse

The reelbradbell and Jerry "Barbecue17" Reed discuss the latest installment in Fox's storied X-men Franchise: X-men Apocalypse directed by Bryan Singer. As always we also get into epic news and what we have been checking out. Please feel free to email any questions for the show to: or tweet me @thereelbradbell *We had some problems at the end of our video podcast due to major storms in the Hollywood F

LBWB Podcast episode 4: Fox vs Marvel Studios - FF and X-Men

Did you know that 7 out of 10 X-Men and 3 out of 3 Fantastic Four films from Fox are terrible? The more you know....

CrankyDog Podcast #2 - Eddie The Eagle And X-Men: Apocalypse

This episode, we talk about the upcoming X-Men film, as well as give our thoughts on Eddie the Eagle. In the end, we also quickly discuss newly released films.

FPV Podcast #70 - Kelvin Lam - From RotorSports to DSA to DR1 and X Class

This week Kelvin Lam fills us in on history about RotorSports and DSA. We all know that ended poorly but he still believes drone racing has a future and is moving forward with DR1 and X Class.


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