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collection of tamil traditional gospel songs, sung by singer Jikki

Hiroyuki Sawano Feat. Mizuki - aLIEz - Cover By Udha

I lovelovelovelove this song sooo much!!! This song is Aldoah Zero's Ending1 By Hiroyuki Sawano feat Mizuki my voice ruins this song TT^TT

Maithili Song | Lgha Udha Ka D

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Kanon Wakeshima - Killy Killy JOKER - Cover By Udha

Selector infected WIXOSS Opening, performed by kanon Wakeshima Covered By udha

Disturbing Voice Range Test With Miku- By Udha

WARNING! Lower your speakers/headphones/earphones volume!! I messed up (well of course XP) Actually when i'm not using my head voice, i'm an alto hahaha Well several persons did it till the last pitch (Amazing!!) they're all insane o.o Original Song:高音厨音域テスト by 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)


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