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Justin Bieber - "What Do You Mean" REMIX By: @FreyshPrince

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What Do You Mean - Justin Bieber (Cover)

Enjoy my acoustic cover of Justin Bieber's New Single, "What Do You Mean." 'Like' me on Follow me on and for more! Watch videos on Contact:

This Is What You Came For (Rihanna and Calvin Harris Cover)

Listen to my new song here: Produced by @yousta_b

NU LOOK - What About Tomorrow

WHAT ABOUT TMRW Di mwen si wape toujours renmen'm menm jan Di mwen si les ans pap diminue'm nan zye'w Si sa ta rive eske wap gen Kouraj Pou di pa la peine ke nou rete ensanm Mwen pata renmen se pitye ki Kimbe 'w Bo kote'm M'pa vle on poid Lourd pou peson moun nan vi'm Li tro ta pou'm protege ke'm Seul bagay 'm mande'w pa kite mwen nan fe nwa Se bagay ki dur le wap planifye vi'w Ak yon moun ki we'w tanko

Doin What She Likes (Blake Shelton)

My cover of Doin What She Likes by Blake Shelton. Thanks for listening please leave feedback.. E

Mandeh & GuitK - What I might do (Cover)l Extended Mix in description

Hey guys, here's our cover of Ben Pearce's Masterpiece ! Follow him here : Hope You like it ! Be sure to Follow my buddy @Mandehh ! extended mix :

For What it's Worth - Buffalo Springfield

A completely new stereo remix. Here's what's new. Vocals and drums centred. The word "people" is now audible at 1 min 24 secs Vocals don't fade as per the original single version and continue with ad-libs. Track doesn't fade out, instead continues for another 10 or so seconds to a natural ending as originally recorded. Several big microphone vocal 'pops' have been mostly removed. Much of the tape hiss is reduced. Overa

Busy Signal - What If [Official Audio]

Busy Signal - What If (c) Turf Music Entertainment


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